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Welcome to Neil Cantor Las Vegas blog. Neil is also famous as Neil Cantor Nevada. He is a highly professional graphic designing expert in Nevada USA., Now he wants to help all the new beginners in the field of Graphic designing by sharing best tips and tricks regarding graphic designing field.

The digital world changes extremely quickly, working as a graphic designer it’s very easy to get caught up in learning new techniques when the main focus is pushing your creativity limits. College is easy when it comes to getting inspiration or new ideas; you are not under the pressure of a working day and a boss breathing down your collar to finish a project.

Inspiration is tough to find if you feel pressurised into finishing a project piece.

Below are some good tips to help with inspiration, how to find it and prevent that stagnant design feeling and become a much improved designer.

Buy books

Once a month search for a good design, typography or art book, a good book collection creates an on shelf inspiration library.

Subscribe to a monthly magazine

Computer arts, digital art or design week are a few to look at, these monthly magazines are a great source of new inspiration for any designer beginner or advanced. They are not cheap, worth the bucks for keeping up to date with latest news, trends and help.

Read blogs

Excellent source for inspiration, subscribe and get the latest news feeds so you keep up to date with the blog. Join in and comment about the posts, you could meet new design people to get further inspiration from or learn more from the larger community.

Start a blog

Building up your own blog will not only help others, it will educate yourself whilst writing the articles. Create tutorials for graphic design, logo or typography related posts about the latest design trends and typefaces. Gather a following; you will be surprised just how many people would visit a design related blog for tips and advice. Post your work for comments and feedback this will help you become more analytical of my own work.

Create self promotional pieces or fake projects

If you get some free time let your imagination run wild, create a logo, website and stationery for a false business. Keeps your mind fresh and allows you to design without client restraints, sometimes clients change your design so far that it becomes their work and not your own.

Re-design old work

Start by choosing an old project and produce a totally new design, this keeps you learning and pushing the creativity boundaries. You will see how much better you can make the design being critical of changes you have made to the old design and why it has improved.

Keep a sketch book to hand

Hugely under estimated by modern graphic designers the sketch book lets you design freely without the software constraints. A sketch book enables you to design quickly and rough before moving to the final artwork using your chosen software.

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